Running Belt Waist Pack For iPhone 6 / 6S

Running Belt Waist Pack For iPhone 6 / 6S

Running Belt Details

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Over the years I have collected a nice set of running belts. Many are roomy, fit well and even have RIF blocking features. However, all of them require me to take out my phone every time I want to touch the screen. The once you put on your arm are great for running. but when I am gardening I like to look up things and touch my phone. I really wanted a running belt that I can wear and where I can just glance down on my phone and quickly touch the screen without having to remove the phone. Now I finally found one that lets me do just that. 

Running Belt with Headphone Slot

The running belt is made for iPhone 6 /6S and there is a nice large pocket where you slip the phone inside. There is even enough room to store keys and a license or credit cards. The band can easily be adjusted and best of all, you can see and touch the phone screen without having to remove the phone from the belt. 

Since I wear a lot of dresses and skirts that often do not have pockets, I wear it around my waist when at home. This way I am always connected!  The company even sends out three gifts with the belt purchase, elastic laces, a multipurpose scarf and an Urban Runners Survival Ebook. #runningbelt

Spacious Running Belt for Iphone

 Running Belt Waist Pack For iPhone 6 / 6S / SE PLUS Elastic Laces PLUS Multipurpose Scarf PLUS Urban Runner's Survival Guide Ebook $14.95 $29.95


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