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The drenching rains and heavy snow from El Nino that pounded southern California in January seems to have taken a break in February. In anticipation of getting rather wet this season I ordered at a reduced rate, a new umbrella from Crown Coast called the Wind Hero Pro. Yes, perhaps overkill for southern California, but I thought we were going to get unheard of rains and from the look of January I wanted to be ready. This Wind Hero umbrella automatically opens and closes and has been tested to withstand winds of up to 60MPH! My last umbrellas, when used in Germany, did so poorly, that I just left them there. So this morning I decided I owe Crown Coast a review and headed outdoors to give my new umbrella a spin. The only clouds visible were those on my pretty umbrella, which has a blue sky with pretty, fluffy clouds on the inside. 

crown coast quick open umbrella

This umbrella is pretty awesome. With one hand it opens and closes, which makes it really convenient when your hands are full. Below are some more product highlights. I am impressed and give this umbrella a thumbs up. Now if it starts to finally rain again, I will be ready not to get drenched. 

☂HEAVY DUTY 60+ MPH SEVERE STORM RATED☂ The Remarkable WindHero Pro Travel Umbrella Is Rated For High Winds With A Full-Size Wind-Tunnel Tested Canopy Tough Enough to Endure 60+ MPH Gusts. Durability Certified For 6,000 Canopy Openings Provides Long-Term Reliability You Can Count On.

☂CONVENIENT AUTOMATIC OPEN & CLOSE CANOPY☂ Many Umbrellas Auto Open But Very Few Auto Close. The WindHero PRO Does Both. Auto Close Is Handy For Quick Entry Into A Car, Building Or Tent. Auto Open Offers Instant Cover From Rain With A Neat Opening Action That's Especially Fascinating To Kids. One-Handed Operation Is the Other Advantage. Auto Open/Close Both Activate At The Press Of A Button So That Going Through Entry Ways Is Easy While Carrying Items With Your Other Hand.

☂DISCOVER RESILIENT FLEX MEMORY FRAME TECHNOLOGY☂ Umbrellas Are Destroyed When They Are Flipped Inside Out. Crown Coast Umbrellas Are Different. If The Canopy Does Flip Inside Out The Frame Simply Bounces Back Unbroken To Its Normal Shape Time After Time. Umbrella Frame Reduces To 10.9 Inches In Compact Position And Comes With A Storage Sleeve. *(Scroll Down To Product Description To Learn More)

☂ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTES☂ Gentle Tension Spring For Easy Closing Of The Telescoping Handle To Compact Position. 100% Polyester Canopy, A Non-Absorbent Synthetic Polymer That's Water Repellent, Abrasion Resistant, Mold And Mildew Resistant. Treated With An Anti-Corrosion Layer The Stainless Steel Frame Will Not Rust. A Single Open/Close Button Set In A Pliable Non-Slip Rubber Comfort Grip Handle.

☂GUARANTEED FOR LIFE☂ Backed By A Life Time Warranty Any Problems With Your Purchase It's Replaced Or You Get A Refund. The WindHERO Pro Combines The Most Advanced Features Umbrella Manufacturing Has To Offer. More Durable Than Aluminum & Superior To Other Flexible Umbrellas. We Consider Crown Coast The Best Umbrella Sold On Amazon. Picking Different Colors Is Fun Click Add To Cart So That You Can Take Advantage Of Amazons Discount Pricing Before The Sale Price Ends. (Limit 6 ☂ Umbrellas)

crown coast umbrellas

Crown Coast Umbrellas - Compact Pink Travel Umbrella | Windproof 60+MPH - Frame Won't Break If Flipped Inside Out - Auto Open/Close Full-Size Canopy - 6000 Opens Durable - Lifetime Guarantee $18.95 $27.95


The basic shape of an umbrella is concave and acts as a wind catch. Proprietary reverse action relief joints allow the Memory-Flex frame to redistribute extreme wind force by intentionally flipping the umbrella inside out to relieve tension moving the umbrella into a new shape. With a simple outward movement, the umbrella is easily flipped back to its original concave shape. This is what is meant by windproof.

-LONG LASTING RELIABILITY: Guaranteed for life (6000 opens) we replace it if there is a problem
-WINDPROOF MAXIMUM DURABILITY: Rated for high winds will not break or tear under 60+ MPH winds
-HEAVY DUTY CANOPY: Abrasion resistant, mold resistant and water repellent build to manage any condition
Keep your hair looking good, your clothes dry and always arrive at any event with the style you intended with quick entryway transitions.
-QUICK AND EASY DOORWAY ENTRY: Avoid getting wet with fast auto open/close one button canopy
-SINGLE HANDED OPERATION: No need to juggle the items you are carrying to open and close the umbrella
-TAKE ANYWHERE: The full-size canopy reduces to a compact 10.9 inches

  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
    Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces



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