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itechor small flashlight

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We never really think of flashlights unless we are unexpectedly caught in the dark. That's when having a good flashlight can make all the difference in stumbling around in the dark or quickly finding one's way.

Getting caught in the art studio in the dark is just scary to me. I live in an area where earthquakes are a weekly occurrence. When an earthquake hits in the middle of the night I quickly appreciate having a good easy to carry flashlight close at hand. I have ordered several of these Itechor Water Resistant CreT80 Lumen Flashlights after my initial first review of the light since I liked the quality and reliability of this small flashlight. Here are some of the features I like about the flashlight. I just recently used it again when doing some renovation work at home.

working under sink


flashlight beam


The Itechor Water Resistant CreT80 Lumen Flashlight is a small flashlight that has a nice, bright beam which can be adjusted to three different settings via the adjustable focus range switch.

flashlight aperture

Sturdy Construction

The flashlight is made of aluminum alloy, is lightweight and impact resistant. The sturdy design feels comfortable to hold.

flashlight construction

Battery Life

The flashlight operates on three AAA batteries and after repeated uses still worked very well. The flashlight also has a plastic sleeve to fit rechargeable batteries. The flashlight is said to have 240 lumens and creates enough illumination. When focused into a tight beam, the LED lights become bright and create a square, bright beam. For a small flashlight, the illumination capability is pretty good. There is plenty of light to search for something in the dark or to illuminate an area while you are walking around and need to brighten your way.

flashlight settings

Various Light Settings

The flashlight comes with three light settings, a high beam, lower light setting, and strobe light. The light has a pulsing strobe setting that is great if you need a flashing, pulsing light to either disorient someone or call attention to yourself. The strobe setting is a great feature to have in an emergency situation. A little word of caution for those with epilepsy. You have to switch around through each light setting, which means that the strobes will go off. For some, who get bothered by strobe lights this might not be an appealing feature to have.


The flashlight has a nice long strap so you can hang the flashlight on just about anything. This feature comes in handy when you need both hands free to do a task. In the past, I have had to hold the light between my teeth so I really appreciate having this often overlooked feature. It is also great to hang from your backpack, so you don't have to hold it when not needed. The light also has a metal clip so you can attach it to a belt loop. I like that feature because when going for a hike it's easy to clip the flashlight to your pack so you don't have to start rummaging through your bag when it gets dark.

Water Resistant

The company states that this flashlight is water resistant, however, I have not submerged the light nor have I used it when it rained. So I can't really tell you how well it holds up in wet conditions.

Itechor Flashlight

I received this flashlight at a reduced rate for review purposes and think for the price it's a good deal. If you like to do a price comparison or read more about the flashlight's feature you can find it on Amazon here

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