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iPhone 6S Battery Case - Gosh Parallel iPhone 6/6S Portable Charger

iPhone 6S Battery Case

Gosh is sponsoring today’s post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*ad

In the past, I have always carried an extra battery for my iPhone in my bag in the event that I run out of juice while on the go and away from chargers. This usually meant carrying yet another item in my bag and at times forgetting to take it along when I switch out bags. I always thought why doesn't someone make a battery charger that fits right on the phone and guess what - somebody did just that!

I asked to review the iPhone 6S Battery Case - Gosh Parallel iPhone 6/6S Portable Charger and here is what I learned about the product: 

~ Case

~ Easy to put on - I removed my old case and just inserted my iPhone 6 into the new case while I used the provided USB charger to charge the battery. You can attach the battery and leave it on while it's charging as well. 

~ The black case is well made and matches the color of the battery pack. The side has markings for volume and the opening for the camera is the proper size. The earphone jack fits properly as well.


~ The battery showed already 3 blue colored bars and was fully charged (4 bars)  after I checked on it two hours later.

~ The battery life on my phone lasted about a week.


~ The Case does not protect the front of your phone if it ever falls. You would need to purchase a separate screen protector.

~ Adds weight - if you are used to carrying a thin lightweight phone around you will notice the extra weight, when the battery pack sits on the phone. However you do not have to leave the battery pack on unless you are out of charge, so for me that was not a big issue. 

iPhone 6S Battery Case

 iPhone 6S Battery Case - Gosh Parallel iPhone 6/6S Portable Charger [Black][Lifetime Warranty]-2900mAh Swappable Battery Pack [MFI Apple Certified] $29.95


I received the iPhone6S Battery case free of charge in exchange for my unbiased review of the product. #Gosh products are available via Amazon


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