iPad Pro 12.9 inches Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The iPad Pro (12.9 inches) cover by zhiaihuisz comes with a bluetooth keyboard with bluetooth connectivity (up to 10m) and not only looks very sleek, but is very functional as well. Blogging with an Ipad is a bit cumbersome and having a keyboard attached makes typing longer text much easier and faster. 

The PU+PC leather hard plastic shell, provides full-body protection to keep your iPad free from scratches, wear and tear. The cover folds so you can have the Ipad stand on a flat surface. The removable keyboard has an auto sleep & wake function that triggers when the cover is opened or closed. The cover is lightweight, the keyboard offers quiet keystrokes and the whole thing is water-resistant and dustproof. 

The removable keyboard pairs quickly and can be used with other devices as well. The specs for the keyboard automatic connection are: 

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V3.0; Frequency: 2.4GHz; Working range: 10M; Size: 12.2"L x 9.1"W x 0.9"H (310mm*230mm*22mm)

The package comes with the wireless keyboard case, charging cable, user manual and a 6-month warranty.

The PU+PC leather cover (Size:31*23*2.2cm) color options are black, white, gold, pink and deep blue

iPad Pro Keyboard,Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Stand for iOS, Android, Windows Tablets(Deep Blue) $46.99 zhiaihuisz

I received this item for review purposes in exchange for my honest review. I like the look of it and think that it does a good job protecting the Ipad. My personal preference would be a slightly softer leather type material, but I think as far as protection goes this does a great job. The keyboard works well and is nice to have. 

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