Instant Portable Cat Tent

Instant Play Pen for cats

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I have been searching for a safe, easy to set up a playpen for my holland lop rabbit Barley. While searching online I came across this large cat tent that can easily be set up and just as easily taken down for storage. 

The tent comes with its own storage bag and even included a ball toy that can be suspended from the center of the tent. The storage bag has handles, which makes carrying the tent around very easy. Ideal for when you want to travel with your pet.

tent supplies

I have assembled plenty of Ikea furniture in my life, so I have learned to spread everything out first. I love that the tent comes with stakes so that the tent can be secured on grass as well. The mesh looked pretty sturdy and I couldn't wait to start setting up the tent. So the next step was to study the instructions. 

Cat tent assembled

This large indoor/outdoor cat tent was easy to set up. I followed the instructions and pulled the tent up by the center. After pulling out the rods and positioning them as instructed the entire thing quickly poped up. 

Tent shade cover

Another added bonus is the shade cover. It slips right over the top and provides some shade when your pet is playing outside.

The tent measures 75" L X60"W X36"H,30 square feet and is huge for Barley. It is big enough for two or three cats to romp around in. There is enough space to set up your kitty's toys, Litter Box, blanket, etc. I like that this pop-up tent can be used indoors as well as in a yard, on your deck or on a balcony. 

The mesh fabric allows for air to circulate so that your small pet's play area stays comfortable. By shading them from the sun, allowing air to flow through and by keeping bugs out, there is nothing to worry about.

Large zipper hole

The extra-large zipper hole (two 17.7" 45 cm openings) came in very handy as I tried to coax Barley back out of the tent. I fit through the whole and this is very handy when your stubborn pet, doesn't want to leave the play pen. It is also great for putting things inside and for cleaning out of the tent.

You can even connect tunnels for extra playtime. They sell them separately and of course, you would need another tent, but a great idea nevertheless. 

It took a few minutes to familiarize myself with how to disassemble the tent. Since I am so visual these guides came in very handy. 

cat tent set up instructions

how to assemble cat tent

So overall I feel that the setup and takedown were very easy. There is plenty of space for Barley to move around. I placed an old blanket inside, just so that Barley's nails would not damage the mesh. It would have been great if the company would provide a base just like the shade cover as well.

RORAIMA offers a one-year limited warranty and sells the tents via Amazon Set up and take down was very easy. The tent has a lot of room and I like that it has two access points to reach in. The little canopy is nice to have and I wish that the same material would have been used for the base as well. The mesh itself is great since it lets my pet look outside and lets enough airflow through so inside does not get too hot. I have used the tent a lot and am amazed at how well it works.

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