cargo liner

Innx non-slip quilted cargo liner cover

cargo liner

I do a lot of gardening and always fill the trunk of my SUV with flowers, bags of soil or mulch, and even small trees. These trips to the garden center always leave the trunk looking messy. This is why I was interested to try out a cargo liner made my Innx. This liner is large enough to give good coverage, yet it's easy to lay out or put away as needed. Since the liner has velcro it helps to keep the liner in place. Now all I do is pull out the liner and shake it out to get all the debris out of the car.

Info about the Innx Liner:

Size 41"Lx52"Wx17.7"H standard size for most of the compact and small SUVs
Handy pocket for brushes, toys, leashes
Unique velcro locations keep the cargo liner cover stay in place
Easy to install with quick release buckles, velcro patches grab onto any carpeted surfaces
3 layer quilted construction with heavy-duty waterproof material protect your cargo area from dirt, spills, pets fur and claws, as well as keep it dry and tidy all day

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I received the Innx cargo liner at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. I really like the quality of the liner and putting it in and out of the car is easy. I have a VW Tourag and if I do not pull down the back seats the liner is too large. However when the seats are down flat the liner fits perfectly. 


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