innex protective safety glasses

Innex Safety Glasses

innex safety glasses

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We had a water leak under the sink, due to a leaking faucet and needless to say it was a total mess.  We had to remove drywall and wood that was dripping wet. It was the perfect time to try out my new safety glasses from Innex, that I ordered from Amazon (see here )

pair of Innx Safety glasses

The package includes two safety glasses and I was surprised to see how nicely they were packaged. Great to give as a Father's Day gift. Each pair of glasses was in its own plastic sleeve to protect it from getting scratched. There are 5 size settings and you can make the glasses fit by simply pulling out the handles. This is a nice feature since the glasses will fit any size of a head, small or large. By having a customized fit, you can be rest assured that the glasses fit and stay put as you work. The glasses are scratch resistant and do not fog up.

working under sink

The wrap around sides protect the eyes from any debris that might get airborne. I love the fact that the glasses did not fog up and stayed on while I was under the sink area.



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