How to Commission a Portrait

General Information

Each portrait I create is an individual work of art meant to be an heirloom, museum quality portrait for your family to treasure. Prices vary greatly depending how much of the figure is shown and the amount of detail involved to depict adornments, clothing and background. The images above are samples to give you an idea how much of the figure is depicted when all details are shown. I will work with you to find a portrait style that will fit your budget and overall size needs.

Due to the complexity involved paintings can take from a couple of weeks to several months to complete.

Portraits can be created from high resolution photos you submit or by scheduling a complimentary photo shoot. *

*Complimentary photo shoots apply to customers who live within 1 hour driving time from the studio. Other travel arrangements can be made at the expense of the client.

Initial Consultation

When you meet or consult with me via phone or email, we will discuss the basic size, pose, type of clothing, background and pricing options that are available. Prices vary depending on how much of the figure is shown and the amount of detail work involved. I visit clients who live within one hour driving time from my studio for a complimentary photo shoot to photograph the children in an environment that they are comfortable in. If you already have several good resource photo,I would request that you send them to me via email or regular mail, so that I can see what we have to work with.

Rose Garden

1st Stage
If we meet in person, either at my studio, your home or another discussed location, I will proceed to take several digital photos in various poses. Please allow about 2 hours for the photo shoot.

Lillian Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

2nd Stage

Not every photo makes for a beautiful portrait, therefore it is very important that photos are analyzed with clients. Once the selection has been made a contract is signed and a 25% deposit collected to start the commission. When existing photos are submitted, I will guide you towards the one photo that would make for a beautiful portrait.


3rd Stage

Once I start to work on the preliminary sketch, the painting process can be followed through my blog or via email. This ensures that at every step of the painting you are aware of the development of your portrait. Children's full names are withheld to protect their identities. Good communication between both parties is especially important at this stage, so this would be the time to request any minor changes. Once you approve the monochrome preliminary sketch another 25% fee is collected.

At this point, I will be able to estimate the date of completion.

Ryan Portrait Vignette by Enzie Shahmiri

4th Stage

High resolution images can be sent to out of state clients before final payment is requested and the painting is shipped. After you have approved the finished painting and the remaining 50% balance has been collected, the completed signed portrait will be delivered or mailed. Mail and insurance is the responsibility of the client.

Please let me know ahead of time, if you need assistance in choosing a suitable frame or if you would like the painting to be presented at an unveiling party.

Determination Portrait in Oil by Enzie Shahmiri

Unveiling Party

An unveiling party can be scheduled at this time as well. Unveiling parties are a very special occasion and provide a wonderful way for you to share your new portrait with family and friends.

Sand Castle Knights - Portraits in Oil by Enzie Shahmiri

  • All paintings are created on heirloom quality imported Belgian linen or Archival Panel Board using the highest grade oils.
  • All paintings come with a "Certificate of Authenticity".
  • Paintings are delivered unframed, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Whenever possible I like to schedule a final sitting from life.
  • Portrait fee does not include tax, framing, shipping and insurance.
  • All travel expenses, outside of 1 hour driving radius will be the responsibility of the client.

My goal is to create the most beautiful oil portrait paintings possible. Original artwork makes a unique gift for family and friends; as a commemorative of a special individual, a dear pet or a special occasion, paintings of family and friends are treasures that will be past down from one generation to the next. All due consideration will be given to best accommodate your schedule.

My Technique
As a Classical Realism artist I uphold the high standards and principles embodied in traditional representational art.

For me Classical Realism is characterized by the ability to stay true to nature, thorough artistic training and skillful craftsmanship. I achieve this truthful depiction through a strict adherence to age old painting techniques, color integrity and the authenticity of light and shadow.

Under painting (monochromatic stage), also called dead coloring, is a lost art. What was once one of the most commonly used techniques in oil painting has fallen into almost total disuse among contemporary painters. From the beginnings of oil painting, under painting was an essential stepping stone which permitted the painter to rapidly define composition, lighting and the atmosphere of his work. Just as the painters of the past, I use this layer as a guide through an often long and laborious process that allows me to have a clear vision of the overall sense of the painting, although it eventually will entirely be covered by successive paint layers and glazes.

As a Classical Realist artists, I draw from nature's inexhaustible repository of forms and colors to create art that compares with the works of masters of European academic art of the 19th century. I constantly strive to hone my skills of representation through the attendance of workshops and life drawing sessions whenever my schedule permits it.

Beauty in Classical Realism is defined by the harmonious confluence of lines, patterns and colors. Paintings done in this tradition must provoke a positive emotional response in the viewer by suggesting patterns that provide a dominant focus and establish a path of orderly movement for the viewer's eyes. Skillful craftsmanship in painters of Classical Realism is acquired through years of diligent training, constant practice and uncompromising discipline. This acquisition of technical skill allows me to convey completeness and thoroughness in my work, from conception to execution.

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