Stash Pro Jar from High Maintenance

High Maintenance Luxe Stash Jar

High Maintenance Glass Jar

I love airtight containers to seal in freshness and have been looking for a pretty jar to store my chocolates in that's not too big or too small. If you are like me you have probably an opened chocolate bar or two, or three depending on your addiction somewhere lying in a drawer. This also means that in said drawer there are chocolate crumbs - and I do not like those messy little things. I also like my chocolate to be in my studio and opened bars lying around on my work table was just not very chic.


So after some searching I found the High Maintenance Luxe Stash Pro, which is an airtight brushed aluminum and glass storage container that combines aircraft grade aluminum and heavy caliber lab quality glass into 2 timeless design styles in 3 tones of black, clear glass and a gold lid. Yup, stylish, airtight and easy to clean glass - I am sold!

Stash Pro Jar

  • Airtight & odor proof - no one needs to smell what you are stashing!
  • Retain freshness with press button vacuum seal for longer enjoyment
  • Thick lab grade tempered glass - in case you are clumsy like me and drop things
  • Brushed aluminum lid - to swoon over
  • 9oz capacity - one whole chocolate bar and then some fit nicely inside
  • 3″ diameter x 5″ height - just the right size

Airtight jar for candies

Now my treats are cleanly stored away in a lovely, airtight container that I can put out just about anywhere. I like that the black rubber encasing is non-slip and hides away the content. There is just enough of a gap between the black encasing and the lid that I can still see what is inside. When pushing down the rubber sealed lid, I actually can hear how the air escapes out, which will ensure that whatever is placed inside will stay fresher for longer. 

Stash Pro Aluminium Glass Stash

So now that I told you all about the pros, let's talk about the cons. The jar is not cheap at $34.95, but considering that the glass is tempered and that the seal actually does work really well this is product that I would consider buying again if it went on sale. At the time of me writing this review High Maintenance offered 20% off, which is a nice saving. Other than the price I really love this jar and would give it a thumbs up.

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