Great Uses for Picnic and Wicker Baskets

Great Uses for Picnic and Wicker Baskets

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If you are looking for creative ideas on what you can do with all those wicker baskets you have collected or received as gifts over the years, you might find some great inspiration here. Start by planning a romantic Picnic to surprise your loved one. You don't have to go to a park, just fill the basket with some goodies to munch on and spread out a blanket right there in your backyard. It breaks up the monotony of everyday meal time and allows for a special moment to have a romantic rustic meal with the person you love.

Wicker Basket with Green Lining

I am planning just such a meal and therefore ordered this pretty, very roomy Picnic basket from Castle Rock Essential Products for review purposes via Amazon .

Picnic baskets let you take a trip back to a simpler time and are large basket can be filled with so many wonderful treats. Ask the man in your life to take charge and open the wine, while you spread out the meal.  The vintage design picnic basket has a natural hand weaved look and are beautifully lined with a green and white gingham finish and matching bow.

Gift Baskets

Once the special occasion is over, you might wonder where to store such a big basket. Well, his type of basket is also great to be used for gifting. Just fill it with a variety of items and voila, you have a beautiful and well thought out gift for a special person.

 Baskets with flowers

Wicker baskets can also be very practical and a wonderful way to embellish your home. I love filling baskets with flowers, both outside in the garden and inside as focal points in an area that can use some color. Hang your baskets filled with plants to add some colorful vertical interest in your garden. 

Just think outside the box and have fun!

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