Great Tips How to Use Bungee Cords

Great Tips How to Use Bungee Cords

bungee cord assortment

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Bungee cords are very versatile since they come in many sizes and various colors. These videos show 35+ ways how to put your Bungee Cords to good use.

I recently ordered the XCAR 28 pcs Bungee Cords Kit for review purposes. This 28 piece bungee cord kit comes in it's own storage container. A variety of items (watch videos) can be secured in place. What I especially like are the extra 4 patent clips, which will help securely fasten tarps or hold thin items in place. Everything easily fit into this bucket for easy storage. The bright colors make it easy to spot the various lengths you need for a project. Overall I really like these bungees since they work very well and have a nice assortment of sizes. The only thing I did not like was the strange plastic smell that was noticeable when I first opened the bucket. However the smell has gone away and all is well now.  

bungee cord kit

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Product Details:

  • 28 Pcs of bungee cord kit including (6pcs) 18", (4pcs) 24", (2pcs) 32", (2pcs) 40", (6pcs) mini cords , (4pcs) canopy ties and (4pcs) patent Tarp clips
  • Rubber coated with the steel hook, to protect from scratching

100% lifetime warranty


The clips are ideal to attach to a tarp. I like that you can use them to hold anything that is thin vertical or horizontal in place. 

Ball Bungee

Ball Bungees and smaller bungee cords are ideal to secure small items in place. In one of the videos pot lids were used to store them on the inside of a door using the small hook bungees.