Glow in the Dark Stars for Kids

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Sometimes falling asleep can be difficult for a young child and it helps if you as a parent can offer something to look forward to when it comes to bedtime. A galaxy on the ceiling can spark imagination and creativity and also help your child to fall asleep while gazing up at the stars.

realistic night time sky

This kit comes with 732 glow in the dark star lights which can turn any room into an observatory.  This nighttime sky comes with directions via an E-book how to emulate actual star constellations. Pretty cool for older kids to figure out which star they are looking at.  You can also use these glowing, easy-application stars for fun designs. This way you're child's brain will constantly be stimulated and soaking up sensory information. The stars are easy to apply but are heavy duty and long lasting, so you don't need to concern yourself with them falling or chipping off.

But these dots can be used by adults as well. Decorate your own room or maybe just make the outside patio come aglow with beautiful, unique light while you're enjoying after dinner drinks. There are so many fun and interesting ways you can use these premium, glowing stickers, the sky's the limit. 

brightest glow in the dark

Each package comes 3 different size variations Each package comes with 8 glow in the dark planets and 122 stars Free Educational E-Book will be included in your order confirmation email for download You can use a black light or regular light bulb for charging. 

 To use the Glow in the Dark Stars:

1. Wipe down the surface area and remove any dust before you apply the stickers for best adhesion.

2. Don't touch the back of the stickers when you remove them from the sheet. The oils from your fingers can leave an oily residue which can break down the adhesive. 

3. Remove each sticker from the sheet and press it into place. Place different sized stickers in random locations to create an interesting look. 

I ordered these 3D domed stars for review purposes at a discounted rate via Amazon  


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