Getting Ready for Holiday Shipping


Do you ship a lot of packages around the holidays? My orders for custom portraits and artwork usually pick up this time of year and I am always deathly afraid that a painting gets left outside by the postman. Rain and snow could damage the painting and therefore I double wrap everything. The items inside the box are usually all places in a sealed plastic bag. Then I place that in a heavy duty cardboard box and wrap the entire outside with clear packaging tape. I have been experimenting with making these ugly brown boxes look a bit nicer. Now there is a bow made of twine and some holiday stickers on the front of my packages. 


Recently I had a chance to review packaging tape by Zitriom. The 1.9in wide clear tape comes in rolls of 55 yards. The ultra sticky packaging tape made with high tech film technology provides extra strength to protect packages. When I read that it has excellent holding power during extreme hot or cold temperatures, I figured it is well worth trying out. 

Packing Tape for Moving with Dispenser Included Ultra Adhesive Packages Professional Sealing - This Clear Packaging Tapes Fits Any Professional or Industrial Dispenser Gun and Perfect for Mailing Storage Shipping High Quality Materials At Best Price (Set of 6) $9.99 $19.99 ZITRIOM

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I received this product in order to write an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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