Eye Glass Chains by Zoe Kim

Eye Glass Chains by Zoe Kim

Eye Glass chains


Today's post is sponsored by Zoe Kim 

I ordered the eye glass chains because I really liked the different chain styles, especially the colorful chain. I am always putting my glasses down somewhere and have to go looking for them and was looking for chains that look nice and that go well with the different colored frames I have. Colorful Eye Glass chain



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Different styles of eye glass chains

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the chains.The materials are alloy, beads and rhinestones, durable silicone rubbers and stainless steel loop holders. The elastic band slips easily onto the handle bars of my glasses and keep them securely on the chain.

Zoe Kim Eye Glass Chains


The package included

  • 6 pieces of different eye glass chains ( 4 gold chains and 2 dark charcoal colored chains)
  • 2 pairs of silicone anti-slip rings for replacement 
  • An orange colored velvet bag with the ZOEKIM logo 

Eye Glass Loops

Care Tip

1. To protect the metallic luster, you can apply the chain with thin transparent nail polish.  

2. Eyeglass chains should be removed before use cosmetics,hair spray,or perfume. 

3. We advise that you keep your eyeglass chains in the pouch when you won't wear

4. Always dry the eyeglass strap before storing.

Any metal chain may turn black after damp from sweating. If it turns black, just soak it with toothpaste or detergent and clean it with a brush. Lastly, please polish chain with a soft cloth or polishing cloth.

I am happy with my purchase and think that the chains look great. They are an inexpensive and a stylish way to hang your glasses around your neck. I am going to follow the tips with the nail polish to make mine last for a while!

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