Everbellus's Torsette Shape Wear

Everbellus's Torsette Shape Wear

model wearing shapewearEverbellus's torsette shape wear redefines comfort by providing an unparalleled level of shaping and slimming. I think nothing is worse than wearing a tight fitting top and having the love handles bulge out. That's why I jumped at the opportunity to review Everbelus's torsette Shape Wear. The top is targeted to help most ladies get the perfect shape. With a simple design, smooth line, this seamless shape wear allows you to wear your own bra. It can help you get the fit and coverage you want from your bust line with any outfit. Longer length smooths from tummy to hips. A basic undergarment that will be part of my wardrobe.


The top was shipped with a coupon and a measuring tape. I had to laugh about the tape because I felt inclined to measure before and after to see how much of a difference it made. Well, the love handles are still there but not as bad as before. The item fits true to size.

Form Fitting Undergarment

I really like the length because it is not as short as some of the undergarments I have seen in stores. The overall quality seems very good and it seems to be well sewn. Of course, only time will tell how well it will keep after a couple of washes, but so far I think it will hold up just fine. This Tank Top Compression Underwear for Women is available via Amazon

Tank Top Compression Underwear for Women

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