Paint in Clear Plastic Jars

Estilo Clear Plastic Jars are Great for Saving Paint

estilo clear plastic jars

I am an artist who paints with oil paint. I often mix my own colors and have even gone as far as filling my own paint tubes. However, I was not happy with the lids and have been looking for containers that would prevent my paints from drying out. I love these containers and have now ordered twice. Made by Estilo these Clear Plastic Jars, Cosmetic Containers come with Lids (5 Gram - 50 Count) I put just enough paint in each and quickly can see the colors I need. When done painting I just put the lid on and continue the next day without paints drying. 

 estilo jars for makeup

 Estilo Clear Plastic Jars, Cosmetic Containers with Lids 5 Gram - 50 Count $8.99 Homeco

 Paint Jars

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