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Today's cellphones have such great features, like the ability to watch content, read stuff and use the camera to take photos and shoot videos. The tripod has been replaced by the selfie stick and all sort of gizmos that hold the phone in place. One of the things I had been looking for was a Iphone holder with a flexible long arm . When I paint rather than printing out my reference photos I wanted to use the phone so I can look at my reference and zoom in as needed. So I ordered the eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder at a discounted rate in exchange for my review. 


It has a very long arm (ca. 28 in) that can be bend to any desired postion, while a large clamp holds the arm securely in place. That allows me to rotate the phone 360 degrees! The clamp is very sturdy and can be clamped to anything measuring no more than 2.76 inches. 

When you order the holder you also receive a small portrable cellphone stand that can also be used for a tablet.

#cellphoneholderstand is available via Amazon

eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder Bracket Flexible Long Arms for iPhone, GPS Devices, Fit On Desktop Bed Mobile Stand for Bedroom, Office, Bathroom, Kitchen - Black $11.99 $19.99 eShopMind

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