Cowhide Genuine Leather iwatch Replacement Strap for Apple Watch

Cowhide Genuine Leather iwatch Replacement Strap for Apple Watch

leather band for apple watch Nothing says style like a pretty genuine cowhide leather watch band to compliment the Apple watch. This soft leather band is easy to put on and take off and feels soft on your wrist. I love the soft brown color and stitching. The stainless steel buckle is stylish as well and takes the Apple watch from a sport look to a more classical style.

watchband gift box

The watch band came in a very nice gift box and even included a small Screwdriver and size adjuster tools.

inserting watch band


Changing out the band is very easy. On the back of the apple watch there are areas you can push in slightly. This releases the mechanism to slide out the bands. All you do is slide the bands back in and the magnet will make sure that the band is securely fastened to the wristband.

adjustable watch band

The watchband has 7 holes to adjustable the length. There are little adjusters included to customize the the band's fit on your wrist as well, but mine fit perfectly right out the box.

smart watch band

The watch is available via Amazon and the seller offers a one year refund should you not be satisfied with your band for any reason. Great news, the seller offered a discount for my blog readers. Get 50% off with code T2KN5OB2

I just put the watch band on and love how it feels on my wrist. The packaging is very nice and this makes this band an ideal thing to gift to someone. Overall the quality seems to be really good and I would definitely purchase this again. 

leather band for apple watch


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