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Vintage Atlas Thank You Envelope Seals

Photo courtesy of Kis for Calligraphy

Over the years I have been very fortunate to get to know a lot of my customers and it thrills me immensely when I receive their hugs, thank you notes, letters of appreciation and of course photos. Sometimes I wonder who should be thanking whom more. I just want to "THANK YOU ALL!" for allowing me to be part of your life and capture your loved ones for eternity on canvas!
I have decided to create this page to share what my customers had to say. Feel free to read through ~
August 2010

Forever in My Heart Portrait by Portrait Artist ~ Enzie Shahmiri

Often client's pick up painting and their beaming smiles says it all! I was still working on this painting, when the photo was taken.

Client with Portrait in Progress


Ziggy and Me with her Portrait

More than not I forget to ask for a photo to be taken while a delivery is made. Fortunately someone else remembered to snap a photo.
August 2009

Anadausian Beauty jun3

Shea Center Letter

I try to donate an original painting once a year for a good cause and picked the Shea Center for 2009.
September 2008

Lillian Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

Sometimes the little ones surprise me with little thank you notes which I especially treasure!

Note from Lillian

Oh it's just beautiful!

The pictures didn't do it justice--you've done a wonderful job.
Lillian just saw it 5 minutes ago and LOVED it!
I'm so excited to show it to my husband, you have such talent!
Thank you so very much. I've got a spot for it and will have to show it off!

Michelle Scribbit

Anchorage, Alaska
June 2008

Jeune Mariée Finished Oil Portrait

Dearest Enzie!!

" I can barely write this email my eyes are filled with tears!! Words escape me . . You have outdone yourself in every way. I am so deeply moved by this portrait! I'm not allowing Bill to see it anymore so he will be surprised by the finished portrait, but I can tell you he is going to be overwhelmed with the beauty and depth of your work. "

Many Blessings! Nancy

Santa Rosa, CA
April 2008

Eshal Oil Portrait

Eshal with her portrait

Dear Enzie

The painting looks so beautiful and I am so glad to see it finished. I am sure little Eshal will be so happy.

Kamran Safdar

Taxila, Pakistan
March 2008

Framed Iridesence

Tiffany is a professional dancer and modeled for this painting.
Oh my!! How beautiful Enzie!

"I was soooo excited to see this project come together and be a part of your amazing artwork.
I am truly honored and the final piece is so luscious....
Perfect name choice as well, what a great sensory experience all around.
You are truly gifted in so many ways!
Thank you again for capturing me in a moment of Framed Iridescence......"

Tiffany Bisconer

Florida, USA
October 2007

Amal Oil Painting

Mr. Safdar, a very accomplished photographer had taken this photo of his niece and allowed me to paint her.
Dear Enzie

"I have checked your blog posts by and by to see the progress of the painting.
I am glad the painting is finished. Amal looks so beautiful!"

Mr. Kamran Safdar,

Taxila, Pakistan
October 2007

Sudanese Girl Orig. Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

Rozie is the person who purchased this painting during the fund raising auction I organized for the UNHCR

The painting just this minute arrived - safe and sound and so so lovely! I am thrilled to bits with it. She reminds me of Sarah - a girl I met in Nairobi, Kenya in 2000. So this makes this painting even more special. The web picture did not do it justice, the colours are wonderful. Thank you, thank you - I love it. It will have pride of place here in the chaotic Hadley household.

Rozie Hadley

WestMidlands, United Kingdom
My contact at UNHCR had the following to say ...
From Aid for Darfur Project

Thank you again for your support!

Caitlin Van Orden
Development Assistant - United Nation Refugee Agency

Washington, DC
This was sent from the photographer who took the original photo of the little Sudanese girl at the feeding center in Darfur.
She looks beautiful!

I wish the girl in red from the feeding center could see it herself!
Stephanie Zito


Blue Tribe - Orig Oil Painting

Sometimes I ask people to model for me or send me a photo that I would like to paint. Denise is the designer and model for the headdress.

It's lovely! I can't wait to show my Mum.

Denise Piggin

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
OHHHHHH my goshhh, i just saw the painting again and believe me YOU ARE AN AMAZING ARTIST. I am really impressed with your perfection in painting that headdress detail. I am sure everybody who has seen that Kuchi headdress in person knows how difficult it is to paint the detail of that headdress and you have done it in un-believable perfection. Many congrates, I really appreciate your artwork.




Dear Enzie
"Wow, beautiful painting!
Morgan has changed so much since that picture was taken
it really took me back to last year."

Mrs. Caryn C.

April 2007
This was written to me after an extensive workshop with my teacher and mentor Mr. Marvin Mattelson, to whom I owe a ton of gratitude for teaching me how to push myself to the next level.


Enzie, you did a spectacular job! The workshop painting of Stephanie Meyer was your most cohesive and unified painting to date, in my opinion. Also, it couldn't have happened to a sweeter person. There is a moment in each successful artist's life where they reach "critical mass", a state where all efforts begin to align and things quickly move forward. I believe that you reached this state during the workshop and I look forward to the fruits of your future labors.

Marvin Mattelson ~ 
Great Neck, NY
Apr 2007

Anna - Orig. Oil Painting

Dear Enzie,

What a great painting you did of Anna. It is totally her, you captured her exact expression...... I am amazed how real she looks, better than any photograph of her. I always wanted a painting of my daughter and now I finally got it. We are so happy that YOU painted her, and are VERY pleased with it. You did an unbelievable good job. I am sure we will treasure this beautiful painting through generations. Thank you so much !
Mrs. Ute Chiu ~
Irvine, CA
March 2007

Sera Original Oil Portrait

You caught the look in my daughter's eyes exactly, and captured the familar expression I love. She appears alive, almost as if she is about to speak. I look forward to discussing another portrait of other family members.
Mrs. Connie Chalayan
Orange County, CA


Mr. Ossanden by Enzie Shahmiri


"I love it!!!! I know my husband & in-laws will be sooooo thrilled!
I cannot thank you enough for sharing your amazing talent.
You have brought me to tears - thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Mrs. Jennifer Ossandón

Laguna Hills, CA
March 2007


Dear Enzie,

The Sharpei painting is beautiful and it will occupy a space of honor in my new home!!! Thanks again!
Henderson, NV

May 2006


My Dear Enzie

"I just want to say thank you for the beautiful portrait of my parents.
I love it!"

Mrs. Mahwash Moghadam

Laguna Hills, CA

Boo - Orig Oil Painting

Sarah commissioned me to paint the portrait of this cute boxer for a friend, who missed her four legged friend.
Dear Enzie,
THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!! It’s even more beautiful that I imagined it would be! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your talent just blows me away. You have such a knack for capturing people’s and creature’s emotions in your art. I have tears in my eyes.

Sarah Ciscel

Huntington Beach, CA

Tosha - Orig Oil Painting

Dear Enzie,

Enzie, I'm so touched. The Tosha's painting is great. I love it.

Yelena Klimenkoff

Seattle, WA

Toby - Orig Oil Painting

Toby belongs to Cindy, who saw my work during an show and commissioned me to paint her dog.

Oh my gosh! I LOVE it !! You're SO good!

Do I still have time to commission a portrait of another dog for Christmas? My sister-in-law lost her dog "Paco" last month and I would love to have you paint a picture of him.

Cindy Fazendin

Mission Viejo, CA

Rose Garden

Dear Enzie

Thank you so much for the painting of Elise. It turned out beautifully. You are so talented! We will treasure it always.

Anna and Larry

Laguna Hills, CA
Nov 2002

Sabrina _ Original Oil Painting

Liebe Enzie,
Ich möchte mich nochmals bei Dir bedanken! Sabrina's Bild ist wirklich entzückend ausgefallen.
Herzlichst, Heidi
Translated from German:
Dear Enzie,
I wanted to thank you again. Sabrina's picture really turned out lovely.

Samantha -Org. Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

Samantha has two colored eye, one is brown and the other blue! This is what her parents had to say about the portrait...
Dear Enzie,

We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of Samantha. It is so special and we will always treasure it.

Rob and Tami

Tustin, CA

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My name is Enzie (pronounced "NC") and I am multidisiplinary artist based out of California, USA.  

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While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.