Clear Display Case

Clear Display Case


Miniature Piano Room in Display Case

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 Dust can ruin the nicest collectable memorabilia and that's why I am a big fan of clear Acrylic display cases. Since I started to build miniatures, I have found that these cases not only protect my collectables from dust, but they also allow my miniatures to be viewed from all sides without having to move the display and risk the chance of damaging something inside.

Better Display Cases


The Acrylic display units come with a two-tiered base either in gold, silver, black, red, white, orange, blue, purple, green, pink or yellow and they all have metal risers. I ordered the 12inch long x 7.25 in high x 8.25 in deep case for the piano room. It is a large display case and is meant to be shown sideways, however since my miniature room is rather tall, this case was ideal size wise. The metal risers can be used to mount the case on the wall, using a wall mount like shown in this video.


Through the video I learned that they company offers mounts for heavier objects like a basketball as well. This is good to know for those heavier dioramas. Being able to mount a collectable on a wall is a great space saving way to see what is dear to you. What I also like about this mount is that it is very sleek looking. You will not see any thick bases or ugly looking screws. With dainty looking Miniatures you really want to see just the miniature and have nothing bulky distract from the overall look.

As mentioned before this is the case I ordered and Just wanted to show you how it would look if you. have something like a baseball cap displayed.

I like the mirrored back as a backdrop for my miniatures. I had a hard time taking a good photo without me showing up in the shot, since the back is really shiny. The company provides a microfiber cleaning cloth, which I thought was a nice touch. This way you can quickly wipe away any finger prints you might have left while installing the case.

The base requires a quick assembly, which entails unscrewing the nuts on the top of the plate to remove the platform and the case comes with clear instructions on what to do.

The hand crafted polished edges give the case a very professional look. There were no imperfections to be seen and the Acrylic glass is of great quality.  really like the way my miniatures looks in this professional looking case. 

I thought the case was well packaged and mine arrived without any issues rather quickly. Better Display Cases really took care to package the case well and it shows that they stands behind their products. On the shipping box there was a label that stated that if the case was damaged, to just contact them for a replacement. With a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE you shouldn't have any issues with your purchase.Display case packaging 

DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: Length 12 inches, Depth 8.25 inches, Height 7.25 inches

DIMENSIONS INSIDE: Length 11.75 inches, Depth 8 inches, Height 5.75 inches (above the platform)


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