Car Window Shade from Fast Mile Blocks out Sun


Recently I received a window shade from Fast Mile to try out and curious as to how this one would be different from any of my previous car sun shades, I eagerly awaited its arrival. In the past I have used shades that involved suctions cups and one of the biggest drawback with those is that you can't pull down the window, that's of course if you can make it stick to the window to begin with. 

So how is this one different you ask? This shade basically looks like heavy black panty hose and is made of washable stretchy material. It glides over the entire top portion of most car doors without the need of suction cups. I have a VW Toureg and was not sure if it would work but was able to fit it over the back doors without any problems. The nice part is that once the sun block sleeve is in place, you can roll down the windows and let fresh air in without having to undo the shade. In my opinion this comes in very handy when you are on road trips and get tired of the A/C blasting in your face. When done you take the sleeve off and quickly roll it up and store it in a provided pouch. 

Fast Mile sends 2 car window shades and a storage bag and they even offer a 365 days money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. 

The dark mesh definitely blocks out the sun and is said to block out harmful UV rays as well. The only drawback I can think of is that you have to stop the car and open the door to put the shade on, which might be an inconvenience when you are on the road and decide the sun is getting to be a nuisance. Otherwise I think the sun shade does a nice job filtering out the sun and is easy to put on. I am giving a thumbs up !


Car Window Shade - Car Window Sun Shade Baby with UV Protection for Your Kids, Dog - Car Window Sun Cover Without Clings or Suction Cups - Fits Most Cars - 100% Money Back Guarantee Fast Mile


“I received this product in order to write an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.”
— Enzie