Apple Watch Band, Xnucol Cool Fully Magnetic Closure Clasp Mesh Band Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap for Apple iWatch Sport & Edition Silver

milanese watch band 

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I finally gave in and bought myself the Apple Watch so I can stay on track with all the things I need to do during the day. When I purchased my watch, I selected the red band, since red is my favorite color. However, all along I had my eyes set on the Milanese Magnetic Mesh Band as well because it really is a good looking band. However, the price tag was a bit steep and I decided it will have to wait. I am glad that I did wait because I had an opportunity to review the Xnucol fully magnetic closure Milanese band and wau do I love this one!

First off, putting on the magnetic band is super easy.

1. Press in the little button on the back of your watch.

2. Slide in the band and tug at it to make sure it is secure. 

3. Repeat for the other side

4. Slip hand through the loop and fasten by pulling the end until the desired fit is achieved.

5. The band is priced under $20 dollars in comparison to Apples $149 +

I was a bit worried about how well this new band will stay in place. However, no matter how much I pulled on it, it did not budge and I am now confident that my watch won't go flying off. The mesh on the band is beautiful as well and putting the watch on with this new band has never been easier. 

Last I checked Apple was selling this band around $149 and I went ahead and ordered a blue band at $17.99 on sale! So although the first band was complimentary in exchange for this review, I have been so happy that I actually ordered another color. I should point out that the band ships from China directly, but I received mine soon after I had placed my first order. So this watch band gets two thumbs up!

Silver milanese watch band

 Apple Watch Band, Xnucol Cool Fully Magnetic Closure Clasp Mesh Band Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap for Apple iWatch Sport & Edition (42mm Silver) $14.99 $25.99


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