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I stand a great deal at my easel painting and in the kitchen prepping food and over the years have noticed that my back gets more and more aggravated from standing on hard surfaces. The constant pack pain has led me to look for different Anti-Fatigue Mats and I want to share one I am currently using.

Sponsored by Rohego available via Amzon

Sponsored by Rohego available via Amzon


The Rohego Desk and Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat measures 20"x30"x3/4" and is made of a high density material that cushions your feet as you stand for prolonged periods of time. Made of eco friendly polyurethane the mat is non toxic and stain resistant.  The mat is much thicker than my previous rugs and is very cushiony. Since it is all made in one piece and has no seams going across it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

Since using the mat I have noticed that there is less strain on my back, especially when working for long periods of time standing in one place. I am happy to have had the chance to review the Rohego Anti-Fatigue map in exchange for my unbiased review and will be ordering a second one for my studio. 

The mat ships in a large box flat and can be used immediately. The mat can be purchased through Amazon.

ROHEGO Premium Standing Desk and Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat - 20" x 39" x 3/4" - Black - Reduce Fatigue and Increase Comfort and Productivity at Home or Office with this Professional Quality Comfort Mat $44.99

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