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Alpha Keeper RFID Travel

Alpha Keeper RFID Travel

Alpha Keeper is sponsoring today’s post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*ad

When I travel I like to hide my passport, cash, credit cards and travel documents in places other than my purse. I think a purse is the easiest target for pick picketers and it is better to use the bag as a decoy. After all, what is worse, losing your bag to a thief or your passport and money that you need to get home. 

Money Belts worn under clothes are a safer option to keep valuables on your person safer. I say safer because I heard of one horror story where someone actually cut the belt right off a traveler. I wonder though if that person was wearing their belt visibly over clothing. I still like the idea of wearing a belt under my clothing when I am on the road and still think it's a good idea to keep stuff safe.  I recently received a travel belt for review which is made by Alpha Keeper

travel belt material

Made for Women and Men who love to travel the belt comes with RFID  Radio Frequency Identification blocking material. The belt is thin and custom designed for durability, functionality, and comfort. It has Two (2) main zipper compartments with convenient pull tabs on the zips. Two large internal credit card sized pouches keep cards organized and a larger compartment is big enough to fit a passport and tickets. In the back, there is another hidden compartment which is accessible from the side. Strong elastic is adjustable and the durable buckle is easy to close and open. This fully adjustable, elastic waistband makes it perfect for any body type ranging from petite to plus size. 

travel belt

I read someplace that for a more comfortable fit, the belt can be machine washed before wearing the first time and hand washed with shampoo & hang to dry when you are traveling.

Rfid money belt

#AlphaKeeper sent me their belt for review and all opinions expressed are my own. If you like to comparison shop you can find the Money belt on Amazon


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