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In Europe voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hertz are common, In Mexico, Canada, some northern countries of South America and the United States voltage is different: The the AC voltage is 120 volts with a line frequency of 60 Hertz. So having the right Universal plug to take along is pretty important if you want to charge things and use electric tools, like curling irons, travel irons, electric razors, etc.. There is a difference between a power converter and a plug adaptor. The electrical product that you are taking along has to be usable in other countries since this plug does not convert the power. It only allows you to use your US plug in a European outlet. 

The Universal 3 in 1 Travel Plug is a very handy plug to have. Here is what it does:

 Universal input: 2-Prong US "polarized", 3-Prong US grounded, European, UK, AUS, and India plug standards, except for the large South African plug).
Universal input: 2-Prong US "polarized", 3-Prong US grounded, European, UK, AUS, and India plug standards, except for the large South African plug).

Works in the Following Countries: 
Bahrain, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Cyprus, Dominica, England, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong Kong, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Macau, Malta, Malaysia, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Oman, Qatar, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, UAE, United Kingdom, Wales, Yemen, Zimbabwe (Exceptions may occur).

2 packs in a set.Note:
The adapter does not convert the Voltage.

Please check the voltage standard for the travel destination and use a Voltage converter with the adapter if needed. (Example, Europe uses mainly 230 Volts). Powering a 120 Volts device with 230 Volts can destroy the equipment and cause a fire. So please check the specifications on your equipment carefully.

travel plug two pack

 2 Pack of Travel Universal 2 in 1 Plug Adapter - JACKYLED International Trip Companion Converter for Germany, France, Europe, Russia(Schuko),CE RoHS Certificated,10A,250V AC $18.96

I received these travel plugs at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. The adaptor is solid and looks like it will do the job. I am taking it on my next European trip!


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