A Versatile Silicone Cooking Sheet


Today I am sharing about a really cool product called the Phat Mat. Phat Mat is made from FDA approved , PBA free, food grade silicone that has a fiber-glass reinforced mesh. This not only makes it non-stick,  but it can move from your prep station right into the oven, microwave, fridge, grill and freezer. It can go from  -40F to 500F which is pretty amazing for a silicone mat. 


The company sends three, good sized sheets, which can be used in place of parchment paper, wax paper to line your baking sheets. The mesh one is for grilling. Since no oiling is required it is a healthy non-stick option to bake and even grill on. I especially like that cleaning up means no longer scrubbing pans and counters. The only thing you can not do on these mat is cut stuff. If the mat gets's torn the company advises that you buy another one. The mat is dishwasher safe but it is recommended to clean just with soap and water. The mats come in a nice canister and storing is as easy as rolling them up and placing them in there for safe keeping. 


Product Specs

• BPA Free food-safe silicone mat won't stick to foods
• Premium materials means no funny added tastes
• Easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. Dishwasher safe! 
• Reusable mat will save you money over expensive papers, sprays and oils! 
• Multi-purpose. Use for kneading dough, crafts as well! 
• Stop filling landfills with used paper and spray products
• 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches fit half sheet baking sheets
• FDA & LFGB approved

COMBO with Our special PFOA free non stick GRILLER 

• Non-stick grill mesh is re-usable and keeps food off dirty grill grates. 
• No char or aluminum. Healthy alternative. 
• Extra thick material - last a long time
• Open mesh allows smoke flavor to penetrate food
• Fish and vegetables will not stick or fall through grate. 
• Eco-friendly storage tube for safe mat storage. 
When Whe


Premium Silicone Baking Mat (2) for Healthy Cooking from The PhatMat- Half Sheet Mat, BONUS Grill Mesh COMBO $24.99 $39.99 PhatMat
“I received this product for review purposes and all opinion expressed are unbiased and my own.”
— Enzie

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