50FT Expandable Garden Hose

#gardspo #Sponsored

#gardspo #Sponsored

My last expandable garden hose started to come apart at the place where the hose connects to the fittings. A bit of a disappointment, so I decided to review this 50 Ft expandable garden hose. 

The hose comes in a large box with a sprayer that's  bubble wrapped to protect it. The ball valve is made of metal and the brass fittings even have an on and off valve. The manufacturer stated that the inner tubing was made in the USA and therefore should make the hose last longer. So far it expands and contracts as it should without any leakages. I also like that there is even a metal hanger for storage, which keeps the hose off the ground.

WORLD'S STRONGEST Expandable Garden Hose with MADE IN USA inner tube material & our NEW DOUBLE M STRONGEST EXTERIOR FABRIC, Garden Hose Expanding Hose Flexible Hose Expandable Hose Set(50 ft, Black) $49.97 $109.97

Another nice bonus is the sprayer that has several spray pattern settings. I received the expandable garden hose at a discounted rate for review purposes and so far like the product.

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