Air Pump for Aquariums

Why your Aquarium Needs an Air Pump

Aquarium Silent Air Pump

Why does an aquarium need an air pump?

Air Pumps are useful in a fish tank because they supply air stones with the oxygen needed to bubble and create a fine mist of air. In order for your fish to stay healthy the tank water needs to be provided with oxygination. The constant movement that is created by water moving through the tank prevents build up and lessens the chance of making areas with less circulation stagnant. Stagnant debris build up can make your fish sick and cause all sorts of diseases, among them Fish Tail rot. 

An air pump does not filter the water. It simply blows bubbles into the water.

The air pump itself will sit outside your tank. A piece of tubing will then run from the air pump, into your tank water and connect to something called an air stone. Some decorative items in a tank as well as some filters, such as corner filters and under gravel filters work better with an air pump. 

How You Can tell if your Tank needs an Air Pump

  • Increased gill movement – you may see your goldfish’s gills moving more than normal, as if it is breathing heavily
  • Decreased activity – your goldfish won’t move much and may appear to be asleep
  • Gasping at the surface – you may spot your goldfish going to the surface and appearing to gulp for air

Choosing the Right Air Pump Size

Air pumps come in different sizes depending on the size of your tank.  Most air pumps will state on the packaging up to what tank size they can be used for. When you install your air pump you want to see lots of air bubbles coming from your air stone and have the water surface rippling with motion. That's a good indication that the air pump generates enough movement in the tank. 

I recently reviewed the Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump which is made for fish tanks up to 50 gallon and which comes with an air stone and air tube. My old air pump was rather noisy and I wanted to find something that is quiet and suitable for my tank. The Heyi Air Pump is driven by apiezoelectric ceramic plate. It is super small. light weight and extremely quiet.


Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump Quiet Oxygen Pump Bubbler for Fish Tank up to 50 Gallon With Air Stone Air Tube $28.99 $69.99

How to Connect an Air Pump and Air Stone

  • To install you simply connect the Air Stone to the Air Tube
  • Connect Air Tube to Air Pump Outlet
  • Stick provided suction cup to the Air Pump and then attach to outside  wall of the aquarium tank 
  • Immerse Air Stone into the Aquarium tank
  • You can shorten the airtime by cutting it with scissors
  • Plug in and watch as the stone gives off tiny air bubbles

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