Unlikely Friends


When I saw this photo it reminded me of an incident many, many years ago in Tehran. In our home we always had pets, weather it was a dog, a cat, a chick or a lovebird.

I will never forget the day when I returned home from school to find the house utterly quiet. Usually the minute the door flew open excited chatter from Kaiser Franz William, our parakeet would greet us. Kaiser Franz William was a rather loud and active little fellow and when I did not hear him, I became rather suspicious of his whereabouts.

A quick glance around the rooms confirmed no open windows, so attention was turned to behind and under furniture.

That's when I saw something very similar to this !

I was shocked, not only lay my cat under the bed with a gigantic stomach, but in front of her was one little feather!

Do I need to say more?!...

Image 1 Bits and Pieces