The Mommy Duck Saga

A Bed of Downs

This morning hail came from the not so sunny skies of southern California and my immediate thought was "Oh no". You see for over a week now we have a mommy duck who has made a nest right above the swimming pool in our back yard.

Mommy Duck sitting on Nest

Every day I go out there and check on her. She just sits patiently on her eggs. What surprises me the most is that I have not seen her move away from the nest to feed or swim. I had considered catering in some snails and such, but hubby urged against it saying let nature take it's course. Easy for him to say!

As I watched the hail come down, images of mommy duck hunkered down on her eggs, was just hard to bear. I was ready to dash out with an umbrella, but due to clumsiness, I figured my protective covering might tip over and crush the eggs. So I stayed put and with great worry looked on, wishing for the clouds to part and let the sunshine in.

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