The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger

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I painted this Bengal Tiger for an exhibit at the Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach and had a lot of fun exploring a completely different subject matter. This of course meant that some research had to be done on the Bengal Tiger as well.

Bengal Tiger Head

Panthera tigris tigrisImage via Wikipedia

The Bengal tiger is found in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. One of the most common tiger subspecies, it is also found in a number of other Asian countries, like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tibet.
Iran also has a tiger called the Caspian tiger (also known as the Persian tiger), but it is thought to be extinct since the late 1950s. I decided to paint the Bengal tiger instead of an Iranian one, since I could not find a decent reference photo to work from. The painting's process is being documented and will be in the "paintings for sale" section once it is finished.

The Bengal tiger has black stripes and a deep orange
brown - to rust brown coat. The area under the belly is white Sometimes mutation happen and these tigers are born with a white coat.

The Royal Bengal tiger lives in the Indian grasslands,
subtropical rain forest, scrub forests, wet and dry
deciduous forests and mangroves.

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