Pawfect Pet Carrier Airline Approved

Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier by Pawfect - Review

Pawfect large pet carrier

Traveling with pets is much easier when you have a pet carrier that is roomy enough for your pet to move in. There are certain elements that you should look for in a pet travel carrier, which we will outline today.

Small Pet in Pawfect Pet Carrier

Carriers come in variety of sizes and are made of various materials, from hard shell to soft fabric materials. Today's review if of the soft pet travel carrier by Pawfect, which we received at a reduced rate in exchange for an unbiased review. This is the large  49x25x33 in carrier for Barley, our pet Holland Lop rabbit. The pet carrier is large enough to fit a cat or a small dog like a Chihuahua (maximum size maybe 7 pounds). 

Airline Approved Pet Carrier

1. Is it Airline Approved? 

The carrier is approved by all major airlines, like Southwest, American, Delta, JetBlue, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier and Allegiant. Carriers have to fit under the seat in front of you. Since airline rules tend to change we recommend calling ahead to make sure that you can bring your pet and carrier on your flight. 

Rabbit in Pet Carrier

2. Is it sturdy? 

The carrier is made of a medium thickness polyester fabric that looks pretty sturdy. There are several mesh windows, which allow for plenty airflow. 

3. Is it roomy?

The company makes several different carrier sizes with the small one being 17.5"Lx10"Wx11"H and the large one being 49"Lx25"Wx33"H 

4. Easy access ?

Zipper enclosures allow one side to be completely opened and the other half way. There is even a side window which is great for giving your pet treats. 

5. Comfort?

This carrier has enough room for the rabbit to move around in and even stretch out. There is a removable soft pat that is attached to a thicker plastic pad which prevents the bottom from sagging. 

Pet Carrier with Safety Latches

6. Safety

There are two buckles that can be secured to your car's seatbelt, which is a nice added touch to hold the carrier in place while driving. The zippers also have a buckle snap, which is great to prevent the zipper from accidentally opening up. Once snapped together the zipper can not pen up.

The carrier also has two storage pockets that are large enough to hold a leash and treats. A padded shoulder strap is also added so you can easily transport your pet.

Overall the pet carrier looks nice and seems to be well made. It is roomy and comfortable for the pet. The carrier has nice added features and overall gets a thumbs up from us.

The #Petcarrier is available via Amazon


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