Saving Little Chicks

An egg was laid, but what's inside?

Baby Chick Pack - Mystery Petz

We do not know for within it hides.
But wait! What's that I see?
There's a two, now three!
Then all at once I see them there,
two little eyes - at me they stare.
Tell me, what lies inside that shell so white?
Does it walk on all fours?Could it take flight?
The answer lies not in the eyes,
but in the rear it becomes quite clear.

Mystery Petz Babiez

During my visit to the Gardner's club and ensuing presentation about birds, I found out that the myth of one should not touch a chick that has fallen out of it's nest has no warrant. The parents will still care for all their chicks, even if one went for a little joy ride. The survival rate of the little parachuting chick is greater then trying to hand feed it.

Sometimes if the nest is too high for you to reach and the bird larger and able to hop around, create a natural hiding place that is large enough for the bird yet too small for a cat or other predator. Apparently one of the parents will follow the chirping and try to feed it. Who knew?!

Of course all this should be watched and monitored from a distance and only if the bird gets absolutely no attention, should you come to the rescue.

Bird Nest Tree Cocoon, originally uploaded by Angelrays.

Source: The cute chick cracking out of it's shell and lovely poem are by Mystery Petz
Nest in Tree via AngelRays

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