Recognizing Symptoms of Colic Horse Health

Did you know that your ability to recognize some key behaviors in your horse can determine your horse's longevity? 5-8 horses out of every 100 horses will get colic in their lifetime. Recognizing some key features as outlines by Sharon North Pohl, Founder of can be life savers and save you between $6,000 and $12,000 dollars in surgery costs alone. 

Colic can be prevented with changes in awareness and adjustments to horse keeping.  So go ahead and print out this PDF  and put it up at the stable so everyone can see it. 

About Zealous Horses

Zealous Horses is dedicated to providing equestrian enthusiasts access with a like-minded community. Come along for the ride and strengthen your bond with your horse partner as well as other horse lovers. We strive to educate, inspire and encourage you to live as zealously as possible. Whatever your experience; you may be a professional, an average horse enthusiast or a young rider, we have walked in your boots. We understand and through 30 years of working with and loving horses we have discovered resources to help keep you and your horse living zealously. We provide hot tips on all areas of horse keeping and a horse community for you to join-in for guidance and inspiration; where you can contribute making your journey more connected, enjoyable and zealous. Come along with Sharon North Pohl and our panel of experts to explore and contribute to a great community.


You can learn more about horse health  connect with Zealous Horses via her Website  * Facebook * Twitter @zealoushorses * Pinterest * G+ * Instagram and Youtube

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