Purina® and Sam's Club Paws 4 Life Pledge

Paws 4 Life Challenge

Paws 4 Life Challenge

Pets are a gift send from heaven. They give us comfort and keep us entertained on a daily basis. I have yet to come across a pet owner, who does not consider his/her beloved pet to be part of the family. Everytime I see my daughter pack her car for her two dogs, Ellie and Andes,  in preparation of an outing I have to chuckle, because I don't think I ever packed as much stuff for her when she was little as she does for her two dogs. Come to think of it her pets probably live better then some kids do. In her home she also makes a very conscious effort to take very good care of her dogs by feeding them nutritious food and catering to their health needs on a regular basis. 

Considering that pets have proven to increase your health and happiness while promoting socialization, patience and motivation it's only natural to want to provide them with the best products available.

I recently saw that Sam’s Club wants to help increase the health of every member and their pets by offering the Paws 4 Pledge Challenge through a clever new campaign. What I find really nice is that Sam's Club has created a website for pet owners that is very informative. Visitors can browse the different Purina® Pet foods available for sale, but also easily read how they each differ from each other. 

If you have found yourself just as baffled at the variety of products offered by just one brand alone, you will welcome the ability to read in the comfort of your own home, how one product differs from the next. I rather sit at home in a comfy chair reading product labels than stand in an aisle trying to drag heavy bags around to figure out what they contain. Armed with the information needed to make a good decision it's off to Sam's Club. I did not know this but you can even pick up pet prescriptions at the Sam's pharmacy. Sweet!

I also like that Sam's Club site offers an on-line pet lovers community and shelter and support link. These can come in very handy when problems arise and when pet owners need to ask for some guidance on minor pet related issues. I used such a site to figure out what finicky eaters liked best. Of course additional reading material and informative videos are also on the site. Be warned - you might not leave for a while! :)

Purina® prides itself on producing healthy, nutritious pet food products, providing all the nutrients your pets needs.  As part of this passion, Purina® and Sam’s Club are hosting the Paws 4 Life Pledge. You can go online and take the pledge, just as I did to live a healthier lifestyle as well as give your pet one too. Your pet has always been there for you, so it is time to be there for them because a healthy pet is a happy pet - click here and pledge.

Take the Paws4life Pledge

Take the Paws4life Pledge

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina®. All opinions are 100% mine.”
— -Enzie


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