Pets Safety on 4th of July


Fourth of July is coming up and you might be planning or going to a party to celebrate with friends and watch the fireworks when the sun goes down. As much fun as this all sounds, don't forget to keep your pets safe.

Unlike people, pets do not associate loud noises and flashing lights as celebratory activities. They actually get rather frightened by loud bangs and the whizzing sounds firecrackers make. Many get so scared that they flee the noise until they are lost and picked up by strangers. 

Did you know that the American Humane Society considered the 5th of July the busiest day of the year for animal shelters? Those pets who are picked off the streets are the lucky ones, the ones that did nor get injured or killed as they run around lost. 

4th of July Invitations

4th of July Invitations

Pet Safety on the 4th of July can easily be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

1. Keep your Pets Indoors 

Bring you pet inside for the evening and keep them there until the next morning. Even one cracker going off in the middle of the night can cause a pet to panic and jump over a fence or find a way to run away. You don't want to chain them down either, dogs can injure and even choke themselves in a fit of panic. 

2. Don't take the to 4th of July Parties

A crowded, noisy and unfamiliar place will only agitate your pet and locking them in a car is not the solution. It is best to leave your pet at home, preferably in one room where you can close the door and where the noise level is at a minimum. 

3. Get a Pet ID for your Pet 

All pets should have ID tags with their names and a contact phone number. In the event that your pet does escape, it makes it so much easier to reunite you with your lost pet when people know who they can contact.

4. Keep 4th of July Decorations Away from Pets 

Dogs are easily attracted to new things and might mistake glow sticks as chewy toys. Cats love to play with streamers and you don't want to get them tangled in them. It's best to pet-proof the room to make sure that every 4th of July decoration is well out of reach of your pet. 

5. No Party Food 

You might have your pet on the best diet known to man, but your friends and family members might be completely clueless as to what is toxic for a pet. Bones, onions, avocados, grapes and raisins, chocolate as well as alcohol can cause severe upset stomach or even death. Keep your dog away from the party. 

I hope these tips will ensure that both you and your pet and fully enjoy the 4th of July festivities and stay safe in the process. 

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