Petoyo® EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser

Petoyo® EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser

petoyo dog waste basket

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I always get really upset when I see people walking their dogs without a waste bag. God only knows how many time I had to clean up after someone else's dog, which is really not considered and well, disgusting.  There are so many great products out there that pet owners can purchase to keep our parks and street clean of waste. 

Petoyo® EarthFriendly Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser

Recently I received the Petoyo® Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags for review which comes in this cute yellow dispenser that can easily be hooked to just about anything.

The bags measure 9x14 inches and are made of EPI strong plastic that does not easily tear.

I actually tested the bags for their strength and filled them with 10 small apples. If you need to hold more for your dog, then may god help you. The bags were sturdy enough and did not give under the weight of so many apples!

The bags have a slight lavender scent and are easy to open. Inside the container, the bags are held in place and easily are removed from the round opening. 

Refilling the container is done by pulling off the bottom and a slight twist. Super easy and great for people who have arthritis in their hands. 

The bright banana yellow makes it easy to spot the bags too. 

So overall I really think #PetoyoWasteBags is a great product. If you like to comparison shop check out Petoyo on Amazon here