Overcoming your Fears

I feel like Cleopatra (by Portrait Artist - Enzie

I have to say that if I were to come across a little Gardner's snake in my backyard, the whole neighborhood would most likely hear me scream as I would be frantically running away. When I visited the Renaissance Fair and saw the opportunity to overcome my fears it all happened in a split second. Looking at the sign, I told myself it's now or never. So I dug around in my purse, paid the fee and waited to "p.. in my pants" from fright. No actually, once I was in the gated area I was looking forward to the experience.

My new bracelet (by Portrait Artist - Enzie

Handling the lizards and snakes and learning more about them was wonderful. I still can't get over how smooth their skins felt and how strong a snake can wrap itself around just about anything.

Easy does it (by Portrait Artist - Enzie

Would I recommend this, oh absolutely! It is fun to step out of one's comfort zone and challenge oneself to experience new things. It makes you feel alive, accomplished and in charge!
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