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On occasion I have shared photos of my little tea cup Yorkie Benji on this blog, like the time he hurt his paw, or when we went for strolls around the neighborhood or even trips to San Fransisco.

Benji on an Outing

I have been wanting to write about my little love for a long time now, but just could not get passed the flood of tear to let you all know that he is sadly no longer with me.
On a recent trip to San Fransisco he developed kidney failure and within two days he was gone. Benji lived slightly over 15 years and was pretty much like a little kid. Always playful, sometimes full of attitude and extremely curious.

Artistic Dog

Always by my side, and I do mean always. He either sat behind me on my chair, followed me through the garden or hung on my back in one of those pet carriers, just so I could get my work done and keep him out of trouble.

He was always fast, one year while I was in the front year with him, he saw a horse and before I could bend down to pick him up, he had dashed across the street and was under the horses legs. Size wise this was like an ant trying to chase away a gorilla. My heart had skipped several beats that day before I safely rescued him and me from a good kick of that poor horse.


Then there were the up teen times he would fall in the pool and I had to jump with clothes right after him and practice my lifeguard skills. Bug eyed and dripping wet he would shiver like a leaf until he got warmed up again to shower me with thankful kisses.

Tiny Dog with Tiny Toy

And those kisses in the beginning he would always think we all needed a good scrub down. That tongue kept on working until one day when he was much older he decided we will never get clean. That's when roles reversed and we showered him with kisses. When I would squeeze and hug him, he would growl and show me his teeth, with one tiny one missing. My response was always:"I love you too!" :)

Benji July 2010

As he aged he slowed down a little and in the recent months spend more time sleeping, yet the minute I would leave the room, he would start to follow. I would always seem to trip his inner radar and tip toeing away seldom worked.

My handful of sunshine

I miss him terribly and although everyone keeps telling me it gets better, my tears still roll. After 15 years memories of him linger in and around the house and especially in my heart. I still keep finding his toys and on occasion sneak away to hug his favorite blanket. I yearn to hug and kiss him or get interrupted by him. He was so tiny, yet had a presence larger than life. His antics always brought a smile and he often kept me laughing when things were gloomy in my world. Thank you dear Benji for being such a wonderful pet ~ I miss you immensely!

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