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How to Ensure you Puppy's Brain Develops Well


Puppies grow at an amazing speed and it is important that through their early development they are trained well and given a proper diet to ensure that they are off to a great start. Ones you bring you new puppy home and have given it a bit of time to get used to its new environment there is no time to lose. 

Kellie Ceccarelli, a Eukanuba Veterinary Training Manager suggest feeding puppies brain boosting Omega 3 DHA.

Just as in people grey cells in the brain assist in how we process and understand information. In a puppies brain, grey cells contain high levels of Docosahexaenoic Acid, also referred to as DHA. DHA is responsible for brain development, the nervous system, and even eyesight. 

Since puppies grow rapidly, their brain develops at a fast rate as well and this increases the demand for DHA. Giving puppies DHA encourages a healthy brain development and helps with common problems associated with bad behavior.

Some puppies can suffer from separation anxiety and it is important to create a safe space for them. Don't reprimand your puppy if it acts out. It needs to learn how to deal with this anxiety and it's better to provide your puppy with a small crate and a piece of old clothing that smells of you. Start by keeping your puppy in this crate for a few minutes as you come and go.  Offer a treat when the puppy does not whine or bark and release it with lots of praise. Repeat this process while extending the amount of time you keep the puppy in the crate. This is a way for your new puppy to learn that you will come back, even if you are gone for a longer time. 

Puppies are like children, they do not learn overnight and will act out the more they feel that you are not paying attention to them. It's best to take small steps towards learning good behavior and to offer them a diet that helps them to stay calm and develop into mature pets.

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