Help to Save the La Jolla Seals

Sea Lion Cub

Casa Beach (also known as the Children's Pool) gives a whole new meaning to "close to nature". This amazing site has been home to harbor seals for hundreds of years. Nowhere else in the country can you come so close to over 700 seals living in their naturla habitat.

Sea Cub Feeding Ground

Unfortunately the seals are now in danger of loosing their home. A court decision has ordered the City tomake the Children's Pool beach exclusively for swimming and remove the seals. A rope guideline that used to protect the seals year round from harassement has now been taken down and the city plans to dredge the beach and get rid of the seals.

Sea Lion Mom and Cub

On Feb 27th, 2009, after being contacted by APRL and the City of San Diego, Senator Christine Kehoe introduced legislation (Senate Bill 428) to amend the outdated 1931 Tidelands Grant. If the bill passes, the City of San Diego will have control over the furture of the seals.

Sea Lion Cup Feeding

Please write to your legislator to support Senate Bill 428

Visit Save San Diego Seals for more information and to support the Animal Protection & Rescue League