Goldfish for Noruz

Haft Sin Fish

With the Persian New Year approaching I wanted to write about the reason Iranians place goldfish in a small bowl and include it as part of their Sofreh decoration and offer some tips how to prolong the life of your fish.

The Sofreh is a table setting that includes 7 items that have to start with the Persian 'S ' each symbolizing something different. There are other items on the Sofreh as well, that do not start with an S like 'Mahi' which is the fish.

A bowl of water with goldfish in it represent life. Most of these little fish live a short life, because they are either confined to bowls that are too small or they do not receive the proper care.

Haft Sin

Here are some tips to celebrate and prolong the life of these little fish, which are such an lovely part of each Haft Sin:

- Select a large container, preferably glass which has a large opening for good air circulation.

- Place the container in a place that does not receive direct sun light. Drastic water temperature changes can not be tolerated by fish.

- If you want to change the water it's best to set some water aside the day before and let it sit for at least 24 hours in another container. This will assure that the minerals have settled and that the water is at room temperature, then gently transfer the new water into the bowl.

- Goldfish like company, always use more than one fish, so that they feel secure and do not get frightened.

- Have a plan to release the fish safely after Noruz celebration.

I have had my Goldfish since last year. After the celebration, I placed him in a small fish tank and have enjoyed him year round.
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