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My Benji

My Benji

I came across some super cute dog bags and it reminded me of my little Benji. Man I still tear up just thinking about how much I miss him. Benji loved his travel bags, because at about 3.5 lbs the world was a scary place if it involved too many people and too many bikes and cars. 


Every time we went to the city he would stick his head out and take in all the sights and sounds that were so new to him. Benji was a dog of the suburbs and spend most of his time playing in a safe garden, where he was the largest animal and king of his domain. 

When I go to stores or even some restaurants, I see more and more dogs sitting in carts and stretched out under tables. Our pets are such a part of the family that we want them with us at all times. Actually that reminds me, the other day a cyclist zipt by and guess who sat in the front in a little basket? A Chihuahua! It was the funniest sight because the bicycle rider was a male and all decked out in spandex on one of those speed bikes and there was his little companion. 

When it comes to little dogs we should keep their safety in mind. Sometimes in crowded places I see the smallest dogs dodging the wave of legs that seem to head directly for them. I always want to rush and lift them off the ground. Unless your dog is a champion at dodging, I think in situations like that carrying your small dog in a safe bag might be a better option than risking them getting hurt by someone who accidently steps on their little paws.  

Anyhow, back to bags - here are the bags I found on Etsy - just click on the image to visit the shops. 

Dog Carriers on Etsy

Dog Carriers on Etsy


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