Customized Pet Tags

Every now and then a lost dog runs around the neighborhood. Such dogs have come into our backyard for a lap around the pool to cool off or are caught by my daughter who we termed lovingly "the dog snatcher". Since most of these dogs do not wear tags, we usually end up with this lost dog for days to come, giving it baths and loving it as if it were ours. Then the ritual long extended walks in hopes of being spotted starts, with lots of knocking at other people's doors and putting up signs.

Large Teardrop Pet ID Tag with Heart Charm

Large Teardrop Pet ID Tag with Heart Charm

I can never understand why people don't just buy a pretty tag with their phone number or even email address on it, so it makes it easier to unite the pet with it's owner. Although embedded chips are a great idea,sometimes it is just so much faster to pick up the phone and alert the pet owner where his pet is being held for safe keeping.

These lovely pet ID's featured here can be custom ordered through Ao Designs. Angela is a stay home mom with a young family who creates hand stamped metal id tags and jewelery. Aren't they charming?!


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