Collapsible Colorful Dog Travel Bowl Set

WIener dog with collapsable dog bowl

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Keeping your pets hydrated while on the go can sometimes be a bit challenging. I used to pack a water bottle for my Yorkie, but that wasn't really very convenient when it came time for him to take a drink. That's why I really like this Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl Set. 3 Pet dog bowls for food or water + Clips & Whistles make this a really nice set to have. 

collapsible dog bowl set

The bowls are extremely light and do not take up much room. I think they are great for keeping in the car, in a pet carrier and even hooked up to a backpack. The colors are bright, which makes them easy to spot and size wise ideal for small to mid-size dogs. I am not sure if perhaps the bowls would be a bit too small for large size dogs. You would probably have to hold the bowl for the pet to drink from. I received these bowls for review purposes and overall think that they are great. Here is some more product info...

Good dog Collapsable dog bowls
 Premium USA Travel Collapsible Dog Bowl Set of 3 Pet Dog Bowls Food Treats Water Bowl + Clips & Whistles $12.99 $26.79

• They are made of the highest quality Silicone, under certified facilities, are non-toxic and will never harm your pet’s health! BPA-Free & FDA approved!
• Feature an unmatched collapsible design and can be folded to become only 1cm thick. Fits comfortably in any bag or purse!
• Also, feature a special pre-holed handle, so you can hang your bowl and carry it hassle free without consuming any space!
• Are extra durable and ideal for every active dog that wants to play with its bowl instead of eating!
• Thanks to their construction, these plastic pet bowls are extremely lightweight and perfect for traveling, camping or just going for a walk!

going on walk with collapsible dog bowl 



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