Brown Pelicans

Pelican in Flight
© Enzie Shahmiri
I went to La Jolla for a couple of hours and decided to stroll around by the beach. It was such a lovely day and watching the waves come in and breaking at the rocks was so calming that it almost felt zen like.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
© Enzie Shahmiri
I read that since January 2009 many of these brown pelicans have been getting sick and are dying. "SeaWorld in San Diego, like other bird rescue facilities in Southern California, has been overrun with ailing pelicans. Since the start of December, it has taken in 37 brown pelicans for treatment at its Mission Bay facility – about seven times the normal number for this time of year. "(To read more visit source: San Diego Article

La Jolla Water Front
© Enzie Shahmiri
I hope this outbreak is only temporarily, I could not imagine this setting without pelicans!

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