Bolonkas Cousins of the Italian Bolognese

Bolonka Pet Portrait in Oil by Enzie Shahmiri

I wanted to find out more about "Vivi" before posting the finished portrait.
Bolonkas are the Russian version of the Italian Bolognese. They come in either black or black and white like "Vivi" .

I asked about "Vivi" and was told that this breed, related to the all white Bolognese, was once a favorite of European courts. At one point the Russian court become so enamored by this smart and playful breed that importing them became rather popular. When the Russian dynasty fell, fleeing aristocrats took their dogs or left them behind. This resulted in in a drastic decline of the breed. Many years later the colored Bolonka was bred, still very similar in looks to the Italian Bolognese, but with the addition of black.

The Bolonka has hair rather than fur, which is great for people who are allergic to fur. Friendly, playful and inquisitive they make great companions. They do not like to be left alone and are always eager to be the first out the door.

I found a site My Darling Dogs where you can learn more about this breed.

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