Benji got hurt

Hurt Paw

Two days ago Benji started to limp around the house. I kept inspecting him and wrapped his shoulder thinking that he probably pulled a muscle. But by day three, nothing was better and he kept his paw off the ground. Further probing would send him yelping and when I approached with scissors and a magnifying glass to inspect the paw, he just about freaked out. He limped as fast as he could away and that was my cue to call the vet!

I am happy to report that after spending $120 dollars, no less, we made it back home after several hours of waiting around with a nicely wrapped foot, pain killers and antibiotics!

So what was wrong you ask? A little nail had grown under the old one and somehow caused the old nail to sort of dangle and be prone to get caught on whatever these things get caught on. This made the paw sensitive and meant the end of the world for my 4.6 pound little bundle of joy! The old nail would have fallen off in due time on it's own, but who was to figure that one out, the way Benji was carrying on?!

Well now Benji is happy again, my wallet a bit lighter and the whole household happy that it was not life threatening!
Benji got hurt
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