Aquarium Decor - Jelly Fish

Aquarium Decor - Jelly Fish

Jellyfish in Tank

I have a small fish tank in my exercise room, since I love to listen to the sound of water in the tank as I am doing Yoga exercises. For various reasons I decided not to fill the tank with life fish and instead fill it with decorative items only. I happened to come across a decorative Jellyfish and figured this might be something fun to add. 

Blue Jellyfish

The jellyfish are made of silicon and are very pliable. They are attached to a suction cup by a nylon string and immediately start to sway in the tank. I love that the tentacles gently move with the water current. Since I am writing a review, I received only one jellyfish, but those who purchase receive five different colors:  Blue - Green - Pink - Purple - Yellow .

decorative jellyfish

The images show that the jellyfish kind of glow, however I do not have a black light, so I can't tell you if they really do or not. The product is shipped from overseas via Ismystore and my package arrived squashed, however this did not affect the jellyfish. I am wondering with five more jellyfish how you would keep them from tangling together in a small tank, since each is attached to a string. I guess they have to be separated far enough from each other so that would not be an issue. Overall I think it's a fun addition to an aquarium tank. 


decorative-jellyfishBlue Jellyfish


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